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The status quo of the study of clothing trade at home and abroad (2)

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  Three, apparel industry channel sales

  Clothing sales channels is so several, but it is these seemingly simple channel sales behind, there are many non-standard phenomena, let many clothing enterprises in the development of business is a pause, pain, a lot of growing businesses for channel ills.

 ?。╝) wholesale

  Wholesale market is the biggest hub of the development of garment industry, and a white horse in guangzhou, dongguan humen, wuhan, shenyang, changshu, such as zhejiang wholesale market has a pivotal position in China's garment industry, its huge sales system to promote the rapid development of the clothing enterprises.

  Wholesale enterprise profit is increasingly low, very low profit making enterprise development power shortage. Many do wholesale clothing enterprise the biggest problems facing the balance or shop goods, a lot of clothes shop to wholesale dealer's hand by means of credit, the greater pressure. Debts in turn became wholesaler and manufacturer bargaining chip, lead to manufacturers in a passive, want to make brand transformation, worry about payment for goods close not to come back again.

  Although along with the gradually mature consumer market, the brand will become the dominant, but wholesale process is not unable to establish brand image, the image of wal-mart is to rely on low prices to win the SINS of the world. In spite of many big domestic wholesale market's influence is waning, but this is business structural adjustment, in developed countries, such as the U.S. wholesale still occupied considerable market share. As the “British aung clothing enterprises development strategy plan” shows: the brand can create their own brand, and apply the difference is only different connotation: one is the product brand, a more channels of the enterprise or brand.

 ?。?) from the wholesale to brand the transformation of the pain

  As the awakening of brand awareness, some taking wholesale line to seek for the long-term development of enterprise, is trying to exit the wholesale market, in order to realize the wholesale to brand management, but a transformation is always full of hardships and pain. Transformation means to adjust the original channels. Adjustment mainly has two ways: one is to guide the original dealer change concept and mode of operation to do brand. Another is to replace the original customer, to form a channel.

  Let dealers is hard to change the management ideas, many customers do brand not long, wholesale returned to the camp. Now a lot of brands have this kind of phenomenon, on the one hand, the brand has been stationed in mall stores, on the other hand, can be found everywhere in the wholesale market products, and wholesale markets still exist cut continuously, the reason also disorderly situation, affect the overall brand image building.

  Despite enterprise transformation of confusion is not in minority, transformation seems to be long and winding road, but not transformation is not what people say. The function of the true wholesale will not disappear, but the wholesale business skills and qualities are improved, that is to say wholesalers face pressure of competition between peers will be more and more big. A specific operation mode of the development of many dealers, but from the development direction of power are mainly three: up alongside vendors mode of manufacturer, through their own practice ascension pattern of independent development ability and strength, transverse joint money you earn the man united mode.

  By its own development difficulties, apparently good scenery, the rest is joint by joint, integration and by integration of the two roads can and can guarantee fast growing relatively high profits. Results may then manufacturers to integrate the difference channel or merchants themselves up and revolting.

  May already have joint failure or integration of precedents, so a lot of people do not look good, don't think you can do to achieve the desired effect, we can't absolutely guarantee the effect of integration, can use a sides and a dialectical words to leave you thinking:

  If put aside integration, three years after what is everybody's business will look like?

  Integration is not necessarily successful, but, unconformity is no way out.

  Wine competition is cruel enough, but in Britain, under the guidance of, a Shanghai dealer and the success of the implementation of Shanghai suburban county dealer's integration of joint type, three years from under 200 million quickly climbed to $6, three year plan to reach 12-25 $, aims to break through 2 billion.

  Some famous domestic enterprises, but also see the integration of power and trend, offered to let the dealers to help them integrate the regional market, their big customers pattern and garment enterprises are more similar.

  Integration not only depends on the strength, more want to rely on techniques and pattern design.

 ?。?) some dealers quality is low

  Clothing industry threshold is very low, as long as you have money, find a store can be opened, so there are many entrepreneurs do boss ideas and the lack of cultural and technical background people choose fashion. Clothing dealer base Ill not neat, many dealers don't know how many your inventory all the year round, some brand distributor at discount prices are very low, enterprise's brand strategy is difficult to be effectively implemented through channels.

  Some brand enterprise years please pop stars do image spokesperson, an agent to check inventory, only to find the agent's warehouse still piled up from the inside of a large number of propaganda album, star posters, etc., the agent didn't give these publicity material issued by the company to the following dealers and distributors, and so many resources wasted.

  Will have to be to the development of an enterprise to ideas, ideas such as agents, distributors at all levels, and the guidance of systematic training. Dealers general lack of loyalty and garment industry, often you on him under some kind of kung fu, he was tempted to do another brand, enterprise saddened.

  There is no such thing as a not good things come to an end, in a channel of manufacturer to review? Own channel model is outdated, or their management ideas in front of the brand into a bigger is the failure reason, can't just say quality comfortable living in the hands and feet, an enterprise, can never wait for the quality of the channel are suitable for their own development.

  Some foreign luxury brands to enter a new market there will establish a joint venture or cooperation company, this way is worth using for reference.

 ?。?) the pain of terminal market

  1. Store the pain: now operating expenses and promotion activities to let the store many clothing enterprises squealed, have cried no money can make the store sales promotion activity often many, such as discounts and buy a gift, cashback activity, resulting in a decline in the profit of the products directly. And many public relations fees, slotting fees, celebrate their fees such as continuous exploitation already not much profit.

  For enterprises to enhance brand image, market is the highest value of the terminal, however, store sales and display platform, is a collection of many brand is just a tool store as to increase its brand value, and there are few manufacturers as much as possible to think how to take this platform value of grafting on their own brand image.

  Approach is, the sale is gain.

  2. The pain of store: store brand clothing enterprise is the main sales terminals, but nowadays the viability of the clothing store is more worrying. A single brand of clothing is becoming more and more lack of advantage in market competition.

  Many dealers by joining stores as a result of a weak consciousness of brand, the pursuit of profit will often run some other related products, with a less known and inferior brand or no brand maintenance, the random at a discount, this is no doubt again specifically affect sell brand terminal image of the store.

  Tube alone are not enough, want to go to shop want to how to use this platform, the greatest degree of guarantee the completion of tasks of my sales. After into the shop, not the end, but a beginning. Like the inside of the “leading role and supporting role” on said: don't let me move, I also put the camera to rob to come over. Terminal management, therefore, to deepen, clothing next can use value is entertainment.

  3. Retail and join in the management of pain: retail and join often lead to all sorts of contradictions, especially market hit big promotion to napa stores is huge, it is easy to cause many franchisees, and it's easy to cause the whole price system of the disorder.

  Clothing enterprise management to focus on specific terminal, but need to spread between different forms of the terminal, the management mode of enterprise should be more like wuliangye, from the perspective of brand management, rather than from a management point of view of the specific product market. Product is the carrier of interests, but not management tool.

 ?。?) distributors fraud

  This kind of thing often happens on some famous brand, because the clothing products are easy to imitate, some agents in order to seek higher profits, and is willing to produce fake brand products, with the brand trademark and high sales, brand reputation.

  There are some large clothing fraud, is also a big wholesaler, agent of many domestic and foreign brand itself, they have their own factories and partners. As clothing easy to imitate and difficult to anti-counterfeiting, in order to seek profits, they tend to be eyeing some popular style, and then their imitation goods change the trademark and packaging, fake brand products, and then rely on agent network of channels, the brand had built to mimic flow continuously to the country.

  Fraud another theory is that their own brands, as well as enterprises, its own brand as their own children, conditions in business, profit is higher than the agent brand own brand, is also understandable. As long as it's not obvious with famous brand trademark directly do not belong to breaking the law. Enterprise can only use limited resources to exclude such behavior, but not unlimited to fraud.

  There is no doubt that the pain in it restricts the development of China's garment industry, from these mistakes, how can have pain pain? How to regulate clothing products sales channels, enhance channel sales force?

 ?。╝) channel planning and design of science

  How your brand positioning, need to according to the brand positioning to locate your channels. Health channel than big and virtual channels tend to have more sales force, some enterprises blindly pursue terminals, do more harm than good.

  “Leon terminal best-selling fourth order plan” emphasizes the combination of advertising and marketing, the combining separated from sales of advertising and sales, products, focus on human, centralization terminals, rapid formation of momentum. The root of this practice is still in the planning and design of an enterprise, tang wanxin said: “no planning of planning is nonsense”, terminal operation management platform is targeted to solve the terminal problem of the enterprise.

 ?。?) to strengthen the channels of diagnosis

  After diagnosis, corporate planning is planning of planning. After diagnosis, the channel problems will see more clearly and accurately, thus to find out the source of the problem.

  As liquidity is stronger, therefore, clothing, often for channel pulse is key, found that all kinds of problems and dealt with in a timely manner. Many enterprises still lack of effective management measure for terminal, conditional word can consult planning company regularly some diagnosis. Channel ills blow to market is huge, often easy to bring a vicious cycle, or even fatal consequences, timely detection, can effective prevention and control, effective treatment.

 ?。?) strengthen the channel management

  Means of governance channels must be determined, in violation of system of dealers not soft, otherwise it will make them more. Such as barcode on products is conducted by management or special processing, can help prevent the transregional, national unity, for the price of the product agreed scope of the lowest discount, price policy resolutely give punishment for violation of company, can make channel price system specification.

  Now many of the clothing enterprise margin or league, I think it is a good thing, is conducive to the healthy development of the apparel industry, to charge the agent and the joining trader operating margin, can effectively prevent the price of goods and guarantee system, is advantageous to the manufacturer to improve the quality of service, increase market management.

  Need to point out that penalties have its limitation, for large distributors, manufacturers don't cure commonly, for small distributors, Oriental not bright bright, western manufacturers governance as a result of the decline in performance. Anyhow, channel is always the strategic resource of the enterprise, rather than a general tactical resources, so, as there are attempting to create clothing national brand enterprise, must pay attention to strengthening the service of distributors, this is a strategic work.

  Channel problems, quite a lot of is no sales model innovation ability, any a clothing brand in the world are very professional dealers business consultant. Service personnel of an enterprise is not necessary to many, but is must be pure, to assist the dealer to do business, and to master relevant knowledge, for example, as clothing has two key links: the product is not suitable for consumer trends and how to break through the terminal product comfortable volume quickly.

 ?。?) brand to break

  Ultimately clothing market competition is to rely on building brand to win, is pregnant with the consumers pay into the market has been in the brain before the sea have established brand choice. Clothing products are easy to imitate, only through the different shape the brand to distinguish. Not be submerged in the brand in the vast ocean, you need to have the courage to break and drive.

  In China, even if one day you make China's armani, so, you also need to worried about your channels. To borrow a director of foreign well-known clothing brands in China's words: “China is too big, change is too big.”

  Brand break is need a lot of necessary resources, like the World Cup soccer team, by the coordination of the whole system. Without channel and stadium, the football pitch is acrobatics rather than the real football game, so playing good football, let the world into a frenzy in addition to the star products is to have a good field, in this way, is the real football, of course, will be a real brand.

  “Brand is the market, the channel to the world”, the clothing dealer must treat business as a career. Though the market space is infinite, but the challenges and opportunities coexist, every enterprise in the clothing market and dealers, to exploration and mining in the process of the development of their own characteristics of dealer channel, channel, brand will not far!

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