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The status quo of the study of clothing trade at home and abroad (1)

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  Chinese clothing marketing channel analysis

  With the development of garment industry, clothing sales channels and pattern is in constant change and innovation, so far, all kinds of new sales channels gradually clear, on clothing sales growth plays a good role in promoting.

  For clothing production and sales enterprise, therefore, to understand the domestic clothing market main sales channels, is advantageous to the enterprise marketing work smoothly.

  A, garment marketing channel mode in our country

  2005, our country clothing market sales of nearly 500 billion yuan, including: the town of about 350 billion yuan, the countryside is 150 billion yuan, the ratio between the urban and rural areas about maintaining at the levels of 3:1 weak point, it and fast moving consumer goods: 3.6 1 had similar degree. This ratio is a more detailed scale and structure, different class of clothing to choose suitable sales channels, and to design effective channel mode is of great significance.

  Comprehensive, shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing wholesale market, specialty stores, discount stores, etc are an important part in clothing sales, the main place, creative other sales terminals also there is a space, such as online shopping, such as the inn in inn and so on.

  If not for their own a clothing enterprise resources, market operating resources, consumer trends have enough understanding, so probably is set to direct with the strong competitive strategic planning.

  Before with the development of economy, luxury goods began to enter the stage of popularization, and to distinguish the different enterprise sales value: brand and fashion, practical and cost are two major branches, is the top brand and industry giants. One is to create enough fashion and popular, and rely on brand consumption; One is adapt to the market demand, market and channels of development as well as the realization of the strategic breakthrough, short time achievement of high market share. Between the top and giant is extensive mixed mode, skill and strategy, mainly thanks to comply.

  At present in China's garment industry, the industry's space is very big still, the key question is how to fully meet their resources reality, find good ascension path, enterprise value to see from the picture, the brand road space without scale road space is big, also illustrates the scale characteristics of the Chinese clothing market development phase, the clothing of developed countries in contrast to the our country present stage of development of space state, they are the space than the size of the space of the brand. Can see from the diagram, the use of capital and product structure, the implementation of creative channel jointly or integration way, in the sales link building and group company or a joint-stock company, in the form of can strengthen and expand its own brand, this pattern is very obvious in wuliangye. Early stage of development, the enterprise from product manufacture and sales into a brand and marketing solutions provider,

  Wuliangye the rapid appreciation of enterprise value, and its diverse mode of operation is inseparable. At the present stage in China, marketing homogeneity and excessive lead to such industrial illusion: big is strong.

 ?。╝) clothing wholesale market

  At present, the development of the clothing wholesale market has four characteristics:

  1. Clothing wholesale market has attracted more and more consumers directly, this part of consumers are mainly urban working class, the students, migrant workers and mobile population, is in the middle and lower part of the consumer class.

  2. Once humble “DaPengShi” clothing wholesale market compete to transform, the department of clothing wholesale market almost as much as on hardware, department stores, but there are still a considerable gap in the aspect of software environment. These malls type of wholesale market is still in the form of the booth, tend to lack the dressing room, every holiday is packed.

  3. The development scale of rapidness, a lot of wholesale market from the original street style of management gradually into scale, specialization, there has been a qualitative change in the face of consumers, some even become the clothing wholesale base in the country.

  4. The traditional wholesale market is low price, as sales of ascension. So for now, a few clothing wholesale market gradually took to the brand management road, the road to create a unique brand clothing wholesale market, of course, is also facing the problem on the price, after all, it's the low price wholesale market.

  For clothing wholesale market scale at present, annual turnover of ten billion yuan of above no fewer than 10 clothing wholesale market; From the perspective of the demand of customers, the broad masses of rural areas and towns of low-income people is wholesale market of loyal customers. Second, such as clothing channels of clothing wholesale market, as a whole has the following advantages: low price, style variety, style renovation speed.

 ?。?) large department stores

  Department store is still big clothing sales channels. According to the all-china commercial information center statistics, in 2005, the top 100 stores clothing monthly sales of 4.902 billion yuan, the average monthly sales at around 50 million; The top 20 store sales of 2.157 billion yuan, accounting for 44% of the total sales, sales at an average 100 million yuan, shows that despite the clothing wholesale market development is very fast, but the big department stores still is the main clothing apparel commodity sales channel, brand clothing sales, especially in high-grade clothing and still department forms as the main channel.

 ?。?) the brand management of chain monopoly store

  Monopoly brand shop has the most affinity in numerous clothing brand sales, with its novel style, unified portal design, pleasing won the recognition of modern shopping environment. Through this mode of operation, expand the brand influence and improve the sales.

 ?。?) clothing supermarkets and discount stores

  Clothing supermarkets and discount stores can become king pin channel is difficult, but it really has become a scenery line of new clothing market. Supermarket supply of clothing are often not popular in style, price is affordable, quality in general, guaranteed. And the growing popularity of some brand clothing mainly apply to the supermarket to improve visibility and performance improvement, its price and discount activities and shopping malls, stores often consistent.

  As to discount stores, there are both brand advantage, and wholesale market of preferential prices, but most of the discount is out-of-season, and on the design and color and model is difficult to have security.

 ?。?) the exhibition become another clothing sales channels

  With the development of the apparel industry economy, many clothing brand one of the exhibition as a business development channels. Exhibition not only have the functions of marketing, and sales of the original function, at the conference brought together many brands and buyers can negotiate cooperation intention, a distribution contract, you can also find the joining trader, etc., its influence is significant. In addition, many exhibition also attracted consumers.

  Also alert garment enterprises, the exhibition is not the goal, the subsequent follow-up service and market development is very important, that an extension of clothing exhibition results, makes the intention client into real dealers.

 ?。?) online shopping/TV shopping

  New technology and life habits or lifestyle changes, a direct result of the fast rise in Internet shopping or TV shopping of. Online shopping is aimed at the paperless office crowd of women, mainly is the product image and popular elements; TV shopping sales of its narrative mode has a specific function or for some form of clothing products especially effective.

  This two ways, like department store, belongs to the terminal platform to decide the product price of common products sales in this way can reach 300% - 300% of the premium. For some cheap TV, expensive relative to other media, which is more economical.

  China now has hundreds of millions of Internet users, the network spread faster and faster, with universal speed also to speed up the renewal and the popularization of luxury products, hundreds of yuan's dress before, now through such channels to reach 400-500 yuan has been relatively common things.

  , of course, this form also exist some limitations, such as product sales is in a state of uncontrolled, coordination of production and sales of pressure will be more big. As consumer culture continues to deepen, more and more people will tend to choose the unique apparel products, so how to put the enterprise strategy, consumer demand, and the new sales way, is part of the enterprise can try to sales approach.

  Currently in the United States, the largest online shopping is food, followed by clothing.

 ?。?) the inn in inn

  Believe that one of the inn in inn mode, a lot of people think of clothing stores open in the counter, in fact, here the inn in inn mode of its operation concept is the opposite of the conventional.

  Top brands and practical cost but not the whole garment industry strategic path, specific reflect in the use of the existing terminal more ideas, the mall is a premium brand of the battlefield, market is not only a sales terminals, but also a platform, many want to do a brand enterprise bidding up the quality of the whole platform with money - into the market, consumers are faced with is the opposite of the street shop experience - the clothing quality is absolutely no problem here, the only problem is the price is high.

  The British ong for zhejiang once an unknown brand big stores in Shanghai and the success of the implementation of dislocation operation, the realization of millions of profits. It involves brand design, product design, and so on all is not the problem, the key is the product form, and these are ultimately with the terminals of the enterprise strategy together.

  Second, the terminal control ability is a key to the success or failure of the Chinese clothing enterprise and its brand

  Terminal for many enterprises is both fear and love of oxymoron. We always like to communicate with customers in the process of consultation, and so as to inspire their real to solve the problem for the customer:

  Product and brand against anyway?

  The results of the same weapons to hit the?

  In the plight of a homogeneous, terminal against also can?

  Terminal control ability is the key to a successful Chinese garment enterprises and their brand, and this is precisely the current clothing enterprises one of the biggest problems in the sales channels. General thought: not only to subdividing consumption group and research, the marketing channel, terminal sales system has enough understanding, but also improve the ability of fast reaction of the market, so it's possible to success in the target market. After approach, however, can not sell to sell goods, consumers who buy goods is difficult to control. Money is to be thrown away.

  In the process of terminal market sales, because is facing consumers directly, so this request as terminal dealers to have effective sales model, marketing, and the high quality service attitude. Now a lot of monopoly store has its own fixed customer group, this and they spend in the operating style of marketing and quality service are inseparable.

  On one occasion, I saw a store is dealing with short sleeves, is going to pick a past, but opened the short sleeves, find cover is in a box under the shirt. A look, is a manufacturer of ningbo, zhejiang province, both the material and workmanship is good, want to buy some more, but found no shirt price tag, only the price of short sleeves. Wait for a while, to a female clerk, I asked her, the price of the shirt and short sleeve is the same? The other party say not, may be 29 or 39, seeming is 49, I also is not very clear. I said, not how much is the price? The other said, 39, may be when you check out and have a look.

  My word, went away. This is the end, the enterprise must have made the entry fees, promotion fees and possibly sales promotion personnel subsidies, subsidies, such as broken estimated selling and unconditional return. Companies to pay to the salesman also do the things, products are also displayed out, as if everything is normal, but the product has no sales, small price card and display the location of the lost, so a little split the sales opportunities and inputs. Enterprise leaders must hear complaints like this: our brand I can't.

  Many companies are mechanical 1 meter? Poster as terminal advertising, to apply for the TV all day long, speaking of terminal campaign that application fee; Quite a number of garment enterprises terminal sales no way guidance, execution, supervision, evaluation, etc. Thought to deal with the move of the terminal is insufficient, so the input is always much more than output, many companies talk about terminal details as if he is doing, its essence is still extensive form.

  This is the case, of course, but there's a problem is a garment enterprises generally face. If is wholesale channel operation, is to use the dealer network characteristics was carried out on the market coverage, major principles on the product structure and the customer is scattered.

  And to eat money terminals at the mall, a serious problem. Everybody said the terminal to win, but now everybody attaches great importance to the terminal, how to do? After the terminal?

  For such a phenomenon, the cylons proposed “advertising terminal, terminal entertainment” profitable tool, the enterprise scattered resources directly compressed to the terminal, generate sales directly, form a breakthrough of the core, and then again on the operation of the terminal coming out of a competition from the general situation of slotting fees, the terminal mode of operation and deepen the step, the entertainment and services through the terminal directly presented to the consumer.

  As the majority of garment enterprises, to the end is only the resident sales people, to pay for the bidding up the value of the shopping mall under-utilization, spend money to buy so big place, few enterprises make full use of the limited space. We believe that the clothing enterprise real nokias needs new ideas and tips, so it is necessary to put forward the concept of a terminal management platform, the terminal management platform is based on appropriate to the sales of the following purposes:

  Because joined the forms of entertainment, compared to the conventional static form so more attractive to sentiment. The terminal management platform for large enterprises or for medium-sized enterprises are effective. Specialty stores, such as if it is a form that can play more best-selling and the effect of his popularity.

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